Indigenous peoples of the Papua region have been experiencing a lot of injustice for a long time. This is including injustice to access truthful information, especially about the condition of the forests, land, and development programs. This injustice of information brings indigenous peoples into situations where they suffer losses and caught in a weak position in the conflicts of natural…

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  Until now, there is no comprehensive legal umbrella to ensure that the rights of indigenous peoples are fulfilled. The Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples is expected to protect the existence and the rights of indigenous peoples, which has been discussed since 2009 and has not yet been passed.   In 2020, the People’s Representative Council (DPR) re-submit the draft…

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Many people might think that there is a great mistake since the beginning of this Republic on what Central Government has ever done to Papua and its peoples. Something like stereotyping Papuans as a “primitive” society, over-reducing the problem of the Papuan people always on just economic matters only (ahistorical approach), and overgeneralizing problems in Papua with just one treatment…

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