The Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples Unites Diversity, Protects the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and Strengthens the Principles of Nationality


Until now, there is no comprehensive legal umbrella to ensure that the rights of indigenous peoples are fulfilled. The Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples is expected to protect the existence and the rights of indigenous peoples, which has been discussed since 2009 and has not yet been passed.


In 2020, the People’s Representative Council (DPR) re-submit the draft of Indigenous Peoples Bill (RUU) in the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) as the priority program DPR. Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) see this bill as an important legal basis for indigenous communities in Indonesia. The existence of indigenous peoples is undoubted, is capable of preserving natural resources through their local wisdom. In forest management, indigenous peoples can utilize the forest and take economic potential without destroying the forest. There should be no more reason to delay the ratification of the Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples.


Through this press release, FWI and the Coalition of Assisting the Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples are trying to encourage the government to ratify the Community Draft Bill immediately. The drafting and ratification of the Bill on Indigenous Peoples are important for the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples & their rights! 

The Draft Bill on Indigenous Peoples Unites Diversity
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Published: September 10, 2020

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