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Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) is an independent organization committed to campaigning to protect Indonesia’s environment. With the policy of not receiving financial support from the government, private companies and political parties in order to maintain independence.

Therefore, the donation given by you as a donor is very important. We allocate donations from you respectfully and responsibly. We strive to maintain transparency and accountability in campaigning, managing funding and finances.

Why is your donation so important?

Donors like you make FWI investigate, campaign, document, and lobby for a sustainable balance between people and the environment.

With your help, we can expose environmental abuse with direct, nonviolent action to raise awareness of our need to protect our oceans, forests, water supplies and climate – the living systems that support Our Mother Nature.

Your support will help us create a greener and more peaceful environment. If you want to support FWI financially, you can channel it through one of Forest Watch Indonesia's fundraising methods.

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