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A case study on Forest Management Unit-Protected (KPHL) of Unit XXX Sungai Wain dan Sungai Manggar in East Kalimantan, Forest Management Unit-Protected (KPHL) of Kulawi in Central Sulawesi, Forest Management Unit-Production (KPHP) of Kapuas Hulu in West Kalimantan Indonesian government, through (then Ministry of Forestry), now Ministry of Environment and Forestry, has released Development Strategic Plan for Forest Management Unit…

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Case Study: Mangrove Ecosystem in Balikpapan Bay East Kalimantan Mangroves are an ecosystem that occupies the coastal area and small islands in Indonesia. It has a prominent role in mitigating global climate change, and its existence needs to be protected. So far, governance for the mangrove ecosystem has not been handled properly, not well planned, and not involving the cross-sectoral…

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Many people might think that there is a great mistake since the beginning of this Republic on what Central Government has ever done to Papua and its peoples. Something like stereotyping Papuans as a “primitive” society, over-reducing the problem of the Papuan people always on just economic matters only (ahistorical approach), and overgeneralizing problems in Papua with just one treatment…

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