Dukung Upacara Sumpah Adat Muara Tae



Our new Visual Communications Officer, Emma Clark, films behind the scenes at a recent EIA training workshop in Muara Tae, East Borneo. The workshop equips local activists with the equipment and skills they need to collect evidence of deforestation in their surrounding area.

Muara Tae is the name of a village located in the Jempang sub-district, Kutai Barat , East Kalimantan Province.

After years of operations, the palm oil plantations and mining company have not offered equal benefit to the communities, the ecological conservation, the social and cultural integrity surrounding the sites.

Campaigners from the Environmental Investigation Agency visit the remote community of Muara Tae, in East Kalimantan, to highlight and support villagers' struggle to retain ancestral forests against the bulldozers of palm oil plantation companies.

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