7 Interesting Facts of Aru Islands

  1. The Habitat for Bird Of Paradise

Burung Cendrawasih (Bird of Paradise), maybe this bird’s name is already familiar to the public. The birds, famous for their beauty and beautiful dances, are often found in Papua’s tropical forests. But unexpectedly, this bird of paradise is also found in Aru Islands. There are four types of Cendrawasih lived quietly in the Aru Islands’ forests. Besides Cendrawasih, a typical Papuan animal that also exists in these Islands is Kangaroos. Animals, identic with Australia, are still abundant in the Aru Islands though the population is not as much as in the past. This uniqueness is not strange because, ecologically, the Aru Islands are part of Papua’s ecological landscape though administratively is in the Maluku Province.


  1. The Breeding Places for Fish in the Arafura Sea

The Arafura Sea is very famous for its rich marine resources, especially the abundant fish in the sea. The questions are, where does the fish come from, and where are they breeding places? The best answers are the Aru Islands. The area closest to the Arafura sea still has a very dense mangrove forest. Although there is no scientific research, it is believed that very dense mangrove forests in the Aru Islands became the breeding places for Fish in the Arafura sea.


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