7 Interesting Facts of Aru Islands

  1. Small Straits Like Rivers

There are a hundred or even a thousand small straits in the Aru Islands. The straits divide the small islands in the Aru Islands. At first glance, straits in the Aru Islands look like rivers. This is what has made many people think that the area is a large landmass. This wrong perception also occurs in strategic policy for the development of the Aru Islands, especially in Spatial Planning (RTRW) of the regency.


  1. Small Islands that Still Has Natural Forests

83% of the land in Aru’s small islands is a virgin forest for a thousand years (FWI 2014). The mangrove and lowland forest in that archipelago are still preserved well until now. Natural forests in the Aru Islands are the source of life for Aru’s society. It is because the role of the forest is very important. The society in Aru always tries to protect the preservation of their natural forests.


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