7 Interesting Facts of Aru Islands

Jargaria or Jarjuir is the local name for the Aru Islands. This area is not as famous as other locations in Indonesia. This island area, located in the Eastern of Indonesia, has suddenly become famous in recent years. The popularity is not only in Indonesia but also in International. The popularity of the Aru Islands is due to the extraordinary of society’s movements. Aru society’s movements that refused the plan to destroy natural forests in that area made many people sympathize and give support to Aru Islands’ society. Here are seven interesting facts to know about Aru Islands.

  1. The Archipelago Consisting of Small Islands

Many people do not realize that the Aru Islands are a cluster of small islands. There are more than 180 islands in that area. Of the many islands in Aru islands, there is only one that is not included in the small islands category according to Act No. 27 of 2007. That island is Trangan Island, which has an area of 2300 square kilometers.


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