“Lesson learned” Pengelolaan Kawasan Ekosistem Esensial (KEE) di Tiga Lokasi

In 3 different times, BIJAK and FWI together have the opportunity to obtain information and practices from the Essential Ecosystem Areas management in 3 locations. The first location was Kehati Hutan Pelawan Park, Bangka Tengah, Bangka Belitung, conducted on April 8-12,2019. The second location was Sungai Putri Wildlife for Orangutan – Gunung Tarak – Gunung Palung, Ketapang, West Kalimantan, conducted…

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land law bill

At this point, the Indonesian Parliament under Commission II is preparing a Land Bill to be discussed with the Government. The Indonesian Parliament has submitted the Land Bill and academic papers since July 18th, 2016, and has been discussing it with the Indonesian authority. Starting in May 2017, the discussion of this land bill quickened. Minister of Agrarian Affairs and…

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