NGASO (Ngobrol Santai Sambil Ngopi) is a regular discussion activity organized by Forest Watch Indonesia. The activity which is held every 2 weeks with a casual discussion format presents speakers who focus on their fields. Ngaso is used as a forum for distributing various studies that have been carried out by FWI to the general public. In Ngaso activities, the themes discussed are related to the hottest issues of forestry and the environment and as a collaborative platform between FWI and various parties.

Kelas Hutan (Forest Class) is a place to educate the public about the importance of preserving the forest. The first Forest Class was held on 18-20 May 2017 in Cibulao Village, North Tugu Village and South Tugu Village, Cisarua Bogor District. With the theme “Saving the last remaining forest in the Puncak area”, the outdoor activity was attended by various participants from different backgrounds (students, general public, activists, government). The activities carried out in the Forest Class consist of river tracking, Jungle Tracking, Identification of Local Plants, Bird Monitoring, Photography and Vlogging Activities.

Forest Watch Day is an annual Memorial Day initiated by Forest Watch Indonesia. Forest Watch Day is commemorated every 14 July. Forest Monitoring Day, can be used as a “warning” to humans to always live side by side with the forest as a life support system. Forest Watch Day is commemorated as the initial initiation of Forest Watch Indonesia in monitoring the condition of forestry in Indonesia whose condition is increasingly alarming. As an illustration, Indonesia’s forests are experiencing deforestation of 1.4 million ha / year. This means that every minute, Indonesia’s forests are lost 4x the area of a football field. When the Forest is Damaged, Human life is even more affected.

Indonesian Forest Expo (ForExpo) is an annual activity conducted by Forest Watch Indonesia for the general public. The activity in the form of this exhibition aims to distribute the results of various studies and activities that have been carried out by Forest Watch Indonesia. ForExpo consists of several activities consisting of exhibitions (expo), seminars, musicalization performances and others. The first ForExpo with the theme “17 Years of Monitoring Indonesia’s Forests” was held on December 9 2017 at Hotel Salak the Heritage Bogor with the theme “17 Years of Monitoring the Forest” and was attended by many participants consisting of academic, government, community and general public backgrounds. . ForExpo in 2017 was held with an agenda of 2 seminars, namely a Seminar on “Overlapping of Forest Management in Indonesia” which presented various speakers: Prof. Hariadi Kartodihardjo (Professor of the Bogor Agricultural Institute), Abetnago Tarigan (Presidential Staff Office), Apriyanto S.Si, M.Si (Geospatial Information Agency) and moderated by Eko Cahyono, M.Si (Executive Director of Sayogyo Institute). And then a seminar on “17 Years of Monitoring the Forest” which presented resource persons Christian P.P Purba (Chairman of the Indonesian Forest Watch Association), Andhika Younastya (Drone Specialist), Brigitta Isworo Laksmi (Senior Journalist of Kompas) and moderated by Yuyun Indradi (Greenpeace Indonesia)

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