The citizens and ecosystem of Aru Islands is under massive pressure. Investment plan of big companies in plantation sector will open lands area in Aru Islands more than 75 percent. Social and economic changes is unavoided, in line with forest clearing in this archipelago country.

Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) suggest there are three group companies who wants to invest their capital, they are: Menara  Group, Aru Manise Group, and Nusa Ina Group. Those three  groups are at least involved 46 subsidiaries (28 Menara  Group’s subsidiarires, 15 Aru Manise Group’s subsidiaries, and Nusa Ina Group’s subsidiaries) who are ready to open land area in Aru Islands. Those companies are more likely to  compete for each other.

It has been proven in August 2012,  Menara Group and Aru Manise Group were involved in a case  under the General High Court of the State (PTUN) of Ambon  related to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) analysis  permitt which was issued by The Environmental Impact  Control Agency (Bapedalda) in Maluku Province. General  High Court of the State of Ambon and appeal in the General  High Court of the State of Makassar and decided to win The  Environmental Impact Control Agency (Bapedalda) and Menara Group.

– Exploring The Aru Islands

– Save The Last Forest In Aru Islands

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