SPATIAL INFORMATION ALTERNATIVES “an urge to be more disclosed” Cultivation Rights Title is one among legal protections granted by the state for a piece of land given to parties, either individually or collectively, and / or a legal entity. State authority in distributing HGU was part of constitutional mandate in regards of regulating and governing land affairs, which in turn will bring…

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“COMPOSING THE STANZA OF NATIONAL ANTHEM” – PROF. HARIADI KARTODIHARDJO 2018 S’lamatlah ra’jatnja, S’lamatlah poetranja, Pulaunja. Lautnja, semuanja, Madjulah Negerinja, Madjulah pandunja, Oentoek Indonesia Raja. (Indonesia Raya Song, Stanza III) Starting from the compassion, seeing the scattered meaningful thoughts. Then, encounter the intentions and goals; Writer and Editor Team. Important book compilations and extensive publications. However, textual texts remain important…

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