- About Us -

Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) was built to make changes to the system for accessing data and information regarding forest management in Indonesia, where the existing conditions show that data and information are difficult or inaccessible to the public. Meanwhile, on the other hand, forest destruction is getting worse due to weak public control and weak forest governance. With these conditions, it is important that the management of forestry data and information in Indonesia is open to ensure fair and sustainable forest resource management.

In 1997, a phase where FWI was initiated, developed and strengthened its network in the field of monitoring and managing data-information. Change in organizational form starting from a work program into an independent organization in the form of a foundation, with a network approach. As the dynamics of the organization progressed, FWI members decided to change their legal entity from a foundation to an association on 15 February 2014. This status was determined by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Decree Number AHU-00314.60.10.2014 on 18 July 2014. This change is believed to be able to drive the components organization in achieving its vision and mission


Realize a forestry data and information management system in Indonesia that is open towards sustainable and equitable management of forest resources. This vision will only be realized if conditions are created where all forestry data and information related to forest resources can be obtained easily and quickly by everyone and forest management in Indonesia is truly free from all types of forest exploitation activities and diversion of forest use. can reduce or eliminate the carrying capacity of forest ecosystems and cause conflict.


  • Build a credible and up to date database and information.
  • Disseminating data and information to the public.
  • Promote a transparent and accountable forest policy-making process and policy implementation.
  • Encourage public participation to be actively and constructively involved in realizing good governance.

Contact Us

Sekretariat Forest Watch Indonesia,
Forest Watch Indonesia Secretariat,
Jl. Sempur Kaler No. 62 Bogor, West Java, 16129, Indonesia
Phone: +62 251 8333 308
Email: fwibogor@fwi.or.id

- Focus of Work Area -

Currently FWI does not only work at the national scale, but works at the district administrative level, as well as the smallest institutional level at the site level.

FWI focuses on areas that have large natural forests that are threatened by extractive industries. At present our locations are East Kalimantan, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua.

We believe that forests are not only an economic resource but part of a life support system, giving rise to a passion for protecting and using forests in a sustainable manner. Let us protect and maintain a sustainable and just forest, for the welfare of the present and future generations.


- Join Us -

Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) provides opportunities for students / students / individuals to learn and develop themselves through direct involvement in the implementation of work / activities carried out by Forest Watch Indonesia through internships at FWI.


Internship Period:

  1. Apprentices must include the period for which they are proposed for the internship.
  2. Internships can be held with a minimum period of 1 month

Field / Job Family Specialization Internship:

  1. Database systems and information
  2. Campaigns and advocacy related to the issue of forest conditions in Indonesia
  3. Media and communication (concepts for social media content such as making designs, videos. Events such as discussions, seminars, workshops and others related to the work of the FWI Media and Communication Division)
  4. Administration of institutions (correspondence, filing, etc. relating to FWI administrative work)

Internship Requirements:

  1. Cover Letter from University / School / Institution. Includes:
  • Information on student / student / individual data (Name, NIM / NIS, Faculty / Study Program / Department, Semester / Class / Name of Institution / Position)
  • Duration and Period Internship
  1. Individual Proposal Includes:
  • Complete personal data (CV)
  • Motivation Letter (explains the purpose and purpose of the internship, expectations or targets to be achieved)
  • Field of interest of work (telling passion or interest in one field of work
  • Photocopy of KTP
  1. Cover Letters and Individual Proposals can be submitted via email: fwibogor@fwi.or.id

Apprentice Rights:

  1. Obtain an announcement of acceptance / approval for the implementation of the internship.
  2. Get guidance and job explanation in the implementation of the internship.
  3. Lunch has been provided by FWI.
  4. Receive an Internship Certificate after the apprentice has completed all obligations.
  5. Obtained a certificate having done an internship at FWI.

Obligations of Interns:

  1. Apprentices must follow the rules that apply during the internship period.
  2. Participating in internship activities from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB.


Forest Watch Indonesia does not charge anything for the internship. Be careful with scams.


For now, there are no volunteer program available.


At the moment, there are no available job vacancies.

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