Public Information Disclosure Shall Also Be Implemented by Relevant Ministries/Institutions in Natural Resources Management

Jakarta, 11 November 2015. Information disclosure in forest management has entered into a new phase after the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) was mandated to disclose the access to public data and information it possesses by the Jakarta State Administrative Court’s ruling. Advocating information disclosure in public body such as MoEF was a long process. It took a number of proceedings in the Central Information Commission (KIP) and Jakarta State Administrative Court before it was achieved. Information disclosure shall also be fostered in every ministry/institution managing natural resources.

Since 2013, as a part of independent forest monitoring, Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) has been conducting official information request to the MoEF. The information requested were documents needed by the public to serve as reference to monitor forest management, including documents and maps attached to RKUPHHK, RKTUPHHK, IPK, and RPBBI (see: dituntut-terbuka/.

Information request to a public body is an important part of reform agenda relating to disclosure/openness, which constitutes an expression of public participation in government in Indonesia. Information disclosure is also a specific effort, which is a part of the National movement for Saving Natural Resources (GN-PSDA), particulalry to combat corruption. Public as the main constituent of national development plays a crucial role in conducting check and balance on the government’s performance in carrying out their mandates.

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