The Management of Perkumpulan FWI 2015-2018

Dear fellow of FWI and environmentalists, …

We are glads to inform you that FWI’s meeeting have been conducted on Tuesday (June 16th, 2015). As the highest decision-making forum in this organization, the members meeting has formulated and set some strategic decisions in the context of the sustainability of the organization, whether it is related to membership, nor the strategic agenda associated with the leadership of this organization.

The composition of the executive boards of the Association FWI 2015-2018, consisting of:

Executive Board

Chairman: Christian Purba (for the period 2015-2016)
Secretary: Soelthon Gussetya Nanggara
Treasurer: Angela Pora

Bob Purba sulton2 Angela Pora


Board of Trustees

Chairman: Togu Manurung (for the period 2015-2016)
Member 1: Abdon Nababan
Member 2: Paramita Iswari

Togu Manurung Abdon Nababan Paramita Iswari


Forest Watch Indonesia
Jl. Sempur Kaler No 62
Sempur – Bogor Tengah
Bogor, Jawa Barat

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