The Management of Perkumpulan FWI 2015-2018

Dear fellow of FWI and environmentalists, … We are glads to inform you that FWI’s meeeting have been conducted on Tuesday (June 16th, 2015). As the highest decision-making forum in this organization, the members meeting has formulated and set some strategic decisions in the context of the sustainability of the organization, whether it is related to membership, nor the strategic agenda associated with the leadership of this organization. The composition of the executive boards of the Association FWI 2015-2018, consisting of: Executive Board Chairman: Christian Purba (for the period 2015-2016) Secretary: Soelthon Gussetya Nanggara Treasurer: Angela Pora   Board of Trustees Chairman: Togu Manurung (for the period 2015-2016) Member 1: …;

Stacking the Stone, Learning from the Ciptagelar Forests

A few months ago, Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) has been connected with an indigenous group who manage their customary territory in the Southern Banten, namely Kasepuhan Ciptagelar. In essence, Kasepuhan Ciptagelar asks FWI’s assistance to document and map out their customary land. However, ability to work with map (in FWI) yet stills not enough to facilitate participatory mapping process. In order to do that, FWI ask JKPP (a network for participatory mapping) to assist on the processes. As we agreed before, in mid September 4 FWI’s and 1 JKPP’s staffs heading to Ciptagelar and to initiate the process of documentation and mapping the customary land. At this time, actually there …;

Palm Oil Threats: Deforestation and Peat Land Degradation in Central Kalimantan

Posted on March 31st, 2007 in Brief Notes For the last two decades palm oil has been one of the fastest growing commodities in Indonesia. According to the Director General of Plantations, palm oil plantation area has increased from 1.1 million ha in 1990 to 6.1 million ha in 2006. The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) states that up to 2007 palm oil plantation area has now reached 6.3 million ha. On average there are 260 thousand ha of new palm oil plantation every year.