The State of The Forest Indonesia Period of 2009 – 2013

Indonesia has the largest tropical forest in the world, rich forest resources, andbiodiversity. For all of this time, the rich and diverse tropical forests have beenutilized directly and indirectly, to fulfil the human needs, society and Indonesiaas a state. Utilization of Indonesia’s forest, especially to meet the market demand, has caused the loss of total forest cover (deforestation). During the period of 2009-2013, the average rate of deforestation is 1, 13 million hectares per year. This high
rate of deforestation had affected the increase of greenhouse gases (GHG), prone to disaster, extinction of endangered animals and their habitats, and conflct between several stakeholders.

This report is a mean to get fiure of state and changes on forest cover in Indonesia during the period of 2009-2013, rate and projections of forest loss in the future, and performance of the actors in the forestry sector in forest management and its impact on forest loss. This report is the third State of Indonesia’s Forests after the second edition have been published in 2011, and the fist one in 2001.

We are looking forward for you, our reader’s suggestions and critics, in order to refie this State of Indonesia’s Forest in the future.

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