The Main Points of State of the Forest Report 2009-2013

  1. In 2013, total of land in Indonesia that still covered by natural forest is 82 million hectares. Seventy fie percent of it is located in Papua and Kalimantan.
  2. In 2013, the total of natural forest cover sequentially are: Papua 29,4 million hectares, Kalimantan 26,6 million hectares, Sumatera 11, 4 million hectares, Sulawesi 8,9 million hectares, Maluku 4,3 million hectares, Bali and Nusa Tenggara 1,1 million hectares, and Java 675 thousand hectares.
  3. In 2013, from a total of Maluku land, 57 percent of it is still natural forest. A total of Maluku’s forest only contribute 5 percent of total of Indonesia’s forest. It turns out that the geographic condition and the vulnerability of the area due to the conversion activities in one island, especially in small islands, is not an important consideration in determining the projections on forest management policies.
  4. In 2013, around 78 million hectares or 63 percent of total of State Forest Area still in the form of natural forest.
  5. The largest forest cover is in the Protected Forest Areas, with a total of 22, 9 million hectares or 28 percent of total natural forest covers in Indonesia.
  6. Up until 2013, around 44 million hectares or 25 percent of total land in Indonesia had been have land management permits in the forms of Natural Forest Timber Production Permit (IUPHHK-HA), Plantation Forest Timber Production Permit (IUPHHK-HT), palm oil plantation, and also mining.
  7. The condition of natural forest cover inside the concession of IUPHHK-HA is 11 million hectares, 1,5 million hectares for IUPHHK-HT, plantation concession in total of 1,5 million hectares, and 10 million hectares for mining.
  8. We found that 14, 7 million hectares of overlapping land utilization area between IUPHHK-HA, IUPHHK-HT, palm oil plantation, and mining.
  9. We found that around 7 million hectares of natural forest cover are located in that overlapping land utilization area between IUPHHK-HA, IUPHHK-HT, palm oil plantation, and mining.
  10. In 2013, based on its function the State Forest and Forest for Other Land Use, we found that from 51 million hectares of natural forest cover without any permits on it, around 37 percent of it located in the Protected Area, 19 percent located in Conservation Area, 15 percent in the Production Forest Area, 12 percent in Limited Production Forest Area, and 5 percent in Forest for Other Land Use.
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