The Facts from State of the Forest Report 2009-2013 – part 2

Box 7. Linkages between the Loss of Natural Forest with the Forest Governance Index

Good forest governance is the determinant factor of sustainable, inclusive, and transparent forest management, thus also determines the success of the government’sefforts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the forestry sector. Therefore, the effort to improve forest governance to reduce deforestation rates is urgently and seriously needed.

FWI’s analyses and the result of study by ICEL-FITRA show the potential linkages between loss of forest cover with the governance index of the area. The obvious trend is the lower the governance index in the district, the higher deforestation.

As can be seen in Figure 15, Berau District has the lowest governance index, scoring just 7.6, compared to four other districts. Berau also shows the highest rates of deforestation. For the last three years, Berau District lost 111 thousand hectares of forest, more than two times of Bulungan District. Different situation is seen in Paser and Sintang District which have higher governance index compared to other district, and lower deforestation rates.

Figures 15. Linkages between the Forest Governance and Deforestation in Five District

Source: ICEL-FITRA 2013 ; FWI 2014

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