State of the Forest Report

Report of Indonesian Forest is a masterpiece of Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) and Global Forest Watch (GFW). FWI is established in the end of 1997 by 20 Non Government Organisation to play a role as part of civil society to encourage the acceleration of democratize process, especially in term of forest resources allocation and management in Indonesia. GFW is launched in 1998 by World Resources Institute (WRI) to have a network with non government organization and the local chiefs in the countries who has forest in all over the world. Forest Watch Indonesia tries to develop the community ability in compiling, managing, dan distributing the data of forestry, maps, and much policy information independently. Those should be relevant to the current situation of Indonesian forest, in the middle of Indonesian peoples who depending their livelihood on forest.

FWI is an independent forest watch network organization that consists of individuals and organizations who commit to realized a sustainable forestry in Indonesia. The purpose of FWI is to develop the transparantion of data and information of forestry in Indonesia trough empowerment and performance of alternative data and information to encourage the public to be sensitive in responding the current forestry issues. Global Forest Watch tries to provide the fast and accurate information to the public by providing information of forest and maps directly and establish a website ( to perform some activities and field cooperation in Kamerun, Kanada, Cili, Gabon, Indonesia, Rusia, and Venezuela. Reports, maps, and information from reliable resource will provided to be accessed. Everyone who can access to Internet can also assess the GFW data and contributing by providing information or assessments directly. We hope from this barter activities will lead to a more constructive dialog between forest manager and forest user at local, national, and international level.

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