State of Forest and Community’s in Aru Islands, Maluku, Indonesia

Small islands are an ecosystem with a higher rate of threats compared to larger islands. This fact is often forgotten by the general public and government in the midst of national development. A study conducted by Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) in 2013-2014 in Aru Islands indicates that forests in these small islands are highly vulnerable life support systems, both in the hands of nature as well as humans who want to exploit the islands’ natural resources. The forests in the small islands are an important ecosystem that must be protected to support the lives of the community, not only those inhabiting the island but also the entire global population.

Natural resources exploitation is not only occurring in Aru Islands, but also in other small islands  in Indonesia. This study is expected to become a reflection for us all to be concerned with forest conservation in these small islands. We realize that there are many things not yet revealed in this study, and therefore the attention of many people is needed to ensure the sustainability of forests in small islands, especially Aru Islands.

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