Save The Last Customary Forest

The Chaotic Permits System of East Kutai Government

Land conflict that occur between the communities, palm plantation and coal mining companies is a serious problem that has not been able to resolved by Government of Indonesia (GoI) until now.

The coming of HPH, HTI, palm oil plantations and coal mining impacts on forest destruction and social life of Long Bentuq communities. According to the history,since 15th century until 1918-when it is officially stated as a village-Long Bentuq communities have occupied forests area and interact with nature through hunting and gathering activities.

Started with the operation on timber company (HPH) in 1999, then in 2006 some investors interested and come to Busang sub-district that have abundant natural resources such as gold, silver, coal, and petroleum. However the investors choose to open timber plantations, oil palm plantations and mining companies.

Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) finds illegal practices done by East Kutai Regent, Ir. H. Isran Noor, M.Si and Ministry of Forestry in issuing permits. Evidence from the field shows overlapping license on the location of palm oil plantation with coal mining company and also between coal mining company with plantation company (HTI).

Permit overlapping between companies just worsening the conflict. The case with oil palm plantation company remains unfinished, the communities are once again facing plantation companies and coal mining companies that got exploration licenses at the same location.

Chaotic system of permits issued by the government force the Long Bentuq communityto strive and save the remaining forests around them. Beside that, Long Bentuq community also have to face psychological loads on their rejection to the permit issued by the East Kutai Regent. Government of East Kutai considers the Long Bentuq community not supporting government programs.

East Kutai Regent, Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources shall revoke the license of the companies in conflict with communities. The conflict not only happening among the Dayak Modang community but also extends to inter-ethnic conflicts. Land and forest clearing by the company also threatened the ecosystem and source of the Long Bentuq community’ livelihood.

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