PIPIB Rev. 5 and Moratorium

Atlas of Moratorium Rev. 5 and Forest Cover 2013.
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The Fate of Our Forest?

Forest conditions increasingly eroded, it should be no change in the paradigm of national forest management and forest management system reform into a system that is transparent, accountable and participatory. Surely initiative and urge changes in governance toward forest management and sustainable fair is expected to always be the main agenda so it can continue to be implemented and the country’s relentless despite the leadership changes.

This edition is dedicated to the entire state of contributors Images of Indonesian Forest Perioide 2009-2013 who have taken power and devote hail thoughts in writings very well in giving sumbanganh insight, knowledge related to forests and forest management. Inputs from the parties is very important to be a material consideration for the evaluation and management decision makers in the forest, because the forest is publicly owned asset that must be managed properly so that the benefits can be terdistribsusikan equitably.

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Ciliwung Day – 11 November 2014

Puncak is starting poing of various environmental issues on Ciliwung. Regional degradation at Puncak and declining environmental carrying capacity of the region have an important effect on the incidence of various environmental problems in downstream Ciliwung including the city of Jakarta. The Puncak area as the extent of damage and the source of water supply for millions of people in Bogor, Depok and Jakarta already at an alarming stage. Puncak on the upstream are very famous all over the world “Ciliwung as toilets and longest wasteland in the world, Ciliwung languish.

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