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FWI’s Member Meeting June 16th 2015

Internal – Member and friends photo of FWI on FWI’s Gathering, June 16th 2015. Please follow this link.

Sukatani, Puncak – April 2015

Based on survey (Forest Watch Indonesia), the implementation of the demolition at Puncak, a total of 239 villas that located in the Cisarua and Megamendung District successfully dismantled. The villas is an illegal building which is located on state land and a conservation area. After post-demolition, on March 2015, FWI have found 4 of 27 villas in the village of Sukatani, District Cisarua has stood well back. Administratively, Sukatani village situated on the territory of the protected area by Presidential Decree No. 54 of 2008. (link

Atlas of Indonesian Forest 2014

Atlas of Indonesian Forest 2014 is one of the efforts of Forest Watch Indonesia in order to support the transparency of data and information on forestry sector. In this atlas, FWI presents the condition of Indonesia’s forests include the distribution of forest and non-forest, deforestation, forest allocation through HPH, HTI, Plantation, Mining up throughout Indonesia Forest Moratorium and shown per province.

This atlas is equipped with data set, so that it can be obtained an idea of how widespread is the existing forests, how much forest area degraded / deforestation as well as the total area allocated for forest management through forest concessions, industrial timber estate, plantations and mining.

If you want to receive a large file, please send a request form which can be viewed at the link Information Request .