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  • Secretariat Forest Watch Indonesia

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    Jawa Barat, 16129

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    In support of transparency , especially in the management of the forestry sector in Indonesia , FWI provide some form of service to the public:

    • Data services, both spatial and non-spatial related to forestry in Indonesia and provided library with a wide collection of related literature.
    • Satellite image interpretation and analysis of maps, which can be tailored to the information needs of the forestry sector as well other complementary information.
    • Map layout, production and printing up to A0 paper.
    • Provision of forestry data online via the website
    • Capacity-building, technicaly and for institutional. The increase in capacity is mainly related to database systems, packaging monitoring records (outreaching) , as well as geographic information systems.
    • Manufacture of packets of information relating to forest management, both in audio-visual format and print publications.
  • Information Request Mechanism

    • Information request can be submitted by information request letter and / or fill out an information request form. * forms can be downloaded at the website
    • A letter of information application can be sent via : email or personal email with subject Information Application, visit FWI office, or via postal mail to Jl . Sempur Kaler No. 62 Bogor 16129
    • The applicant shall state the purpose of the information in the letter requesting information.
    • The applicant shall describes the information that is requested in detail.
    • The applicant shall include the authentic identity (Full Name , Job , Mobile Phone/Telp No, Address, Email, Agencies, address and email agencies, etc.) in the letter of request for information.
    • Deadline to respond to a request for information is 3 working days.
    • Information request process based on:
      1. The vision and mission of FWI
      2. Equality. Data and information that managed by FWI must be accessible for public, based on the clarity of the data that would be exchanged, so there is control over the use of data/information from FWI by public.
      3. Barter. System of exchange of data and information managed by FWI is barter, such as giving the data by receiving data.


    • The data require further analysis, the officer will inform the applicant, how long it takes to complete the analysis as well as costs.
    • Using of all data and information provided shall include the citation.
    • The cost of reproduction on information would be paid by the applicant.
    • Shipping cost of the information requested via postal is paid by applicant.

    Please download the Application Form on this link PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUEST FORM

  • Information Flow (in progress)