Book Review of State of the Indonesian Forest Report 2009-2013

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The book entitled State of Indonesian Forest Report 2009-2013 has been compiled based on information on forest cover as a results of interpretation of satellite images and maps of terrestrial, elaborated with the data and the official report of the government and institutions of environmentalists. We are aware that there are major challenges in the process of collecting the data and produce a comprehensive report, but the process is undertaken because it has been very important for the sustainability of natural forests in Indonesia.

What is the area of Indonesia’s natural forests remaining? What is the rate of destruction of natural forests in Indonesia? What is the cause of the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests? What is true, efforts by the government in preventing and reducing the rate of deforestation is not a significant impact? So, what FWI recommendation to stop deforestation in Indonesia?

The answers from many of the questions presented in the book PKHI (State of Indonesian Forest Report). Teh content will try to dug book for the bright spots of a bit of problems that occur in the natural forests of Indonesia in the book review PKHI 2009-2013 . So, as part of the publication of the book review PKHI,we make a roadshow at several major universities that have faculties / departments of forestry in order to disseminate the findings and the information contained in PKHI.

This event is a series of events Book Review previously held in Kalimantan, Java and Sumatra.

Fact Sheet
the State of Indoneisia Forest Report 2009-2013 – Still in Bahasa

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