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  • Certification Scheme For Sustainable Palm Oil Need To Be Re-Designed

    Indonesian Civil Society Groups for Sustainable Palm Oil Industry Tuesday, March 21, 2017. – On the International Day of Forests, we, a group of civil society representatives released a joint message regarding sustainable palm oil industry in Indonesia through a position paper that highlights the need of active participation and

  • Agrarian Ministry/National Land Agency Are Demanded to Be More Open

    Jakarta, 19 August 2016. Indonesian civil society organizations are questioning the commitment of the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry/National Land Agency (KemenATR/BPN) concerning public information openness. The statement was launched soon after the notification of appeal from the said Ministry against the Central Information Commission (KIP)’s ruling which stated that



  • The Management of Perkumpulan FWI 2015-2018

    Dear fellow of FWI and environmentalists, … We are glads to inform you that FWI’s meeeting have been conducted on Tuesday (June 16th, 2015). As the highest decision-making forum in this organization, the members meeting has formulated and set some strategic decisions in the context of the sustainability of the

  • Book Review of State of the Indonesian Forest Report 2009-2013

    The book entitled State of Indonesian Forest Report 2009-2013 has been compiled based on information on forest cover as a results of interpretation of satellite images and maps of terrestrial, elaborated with the data and the official report of the government and institutions of environmentalists. We are aware that there

  • Launching State of the Forest Indonesia 2009-2013

    The book entitled State of Indonesian Forest condition is based on information on forest cover interpretation of satellite imagery results and maps terrestrial, elaborated with data and official reports from the state and of the institutions environmentalists. Although aware that there are major challenges in the process of collecting the

  • Forest Governance: the Lack of Law and Policy Enforcement

    Forest Watch Indonesia | 2013. The case of forests destruction in Indonesia are still ongoing. Clearing of natural forests through illegal activities in May 2013 in Sorong and Raja Ampat, West Papua Province uncovered. A case involving the member of police officer, Aiptu Labora Sitorus is just one of the

  • Stacking the Stone, Learning from the Ciptagelar Forests

    A few months ago, Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) has been connected with an indigenous group who manage their customary territory in the Southern Banten, namely Kasepuhan Ciptagelar. In essence, Kasepuhan Ciptagelar asks FWI’s assistance to document and map out their customary land. However, ability to work with map (in FWI)

  • Wealthy Mandors on top of Villagers Disappointment

    The story is taken from my personal experience in the past. When I was a little boy, I live with my parents in a small village by the teak forests. Gunungsari is the name of our village, which is administratively located in the regency of Ngawi, East Java. Like most

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